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I’ve just succumbed – I thought I had enough websites to read and be addicted to, but I was wrong. I’ve seen this website around, snuck a shy glance every so often, but thought it was a bit out of my league. Wasn’t really sure if it would like me either. But then I mustered up the courage to approach and now it seems we’ve got a good thing going. Who knows, it could be a lasting relationship or just a fling. No big plans yet, we’ll see how it goes, take it as it comes… Got a good feeling though. 🙂


Wow! I won something!!!

This weekend I got a lovely email from the lovely Kristin at Craft Leftovers (mentioned in a prevous post…) that I was the lucky winner of her CRAFTzine giveaway and will receive the two latest editions of the marvellous zine! I can’t believe that I soon will get to hold not only one but two physical versions of the wonderful blog I read practically every day!

My booty!

I normally never win anything, so the mystery of my win is quickly solved by revealing the fact that I was the only one to submit an entry to this competition! Well, lucky for me! I can look forward to some other goodies too by the looks of it… Yey for me – and for Kristin of course! 🙂


I stumbled across this blog a little while back through the CRAFTzine blog, an inspiring blog in its own right, but also a guide in the jungle of interesting websites to read. After reading about Kristin’s baby, Craft Leftovers, and her reason for using reclaimed material in a new and interesting way, I signed up for a three month subscription.

Since then I have recieved some beautiful little parcels with bits of fabric, cute patters and other material. I just love the excitement of it – what is going to be in my next box? – and I know I won’t be disappointed.

So when I read on her blog that she was having a sale in her Etsy shop, I just had to have a little peek. Lo and behold, such treasures within! Pretty little things, not to mention all the kits which allow you to take part in the making yourself. I managed to limit myself to a crochet hook clutch making kit, a knitted bunny kit and some reuseable teabags. I really marvelled at the latter: what a great idea, why didn’t I think of that? I ordered the lot, got a friendly confirmation note the next morning (with time difference and all that’s quite good) and waited for my treasure to arrive in my mailbox.

Finally, Wednesday this week I got my parcel!

And the explanation to why it took a bit longer than what I had expected… Customs had decided to open my parcel because it contained some loose beans that were to be added into the stuffing of the bunny… I think I should explain: Due to some stupid decisions in the past (colonialism etc) there are some flora and fauna in NZ that isn’t native but have taken over and threatened the native species of the country. So now the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry checks carefully and will not let anything into the country that has been in contact with “nature” or may contain biological material that might thrive and flourish in the mild and hospitable climate in NZ. The fines for bringing food (say, an apple) into the country when you get off a flight are terrible.

The Letter

The Letter

Of course, Kristin could never have known this, and I feel really dumb for not letting her know, but truth is, it never occurred to me that it would be a problem. Well, you live and you learn, eh?

But let’s get back to business: the crafting! I’m planning to knit the bunny as a gift for my cousin’s prematurely born daughter (who is still just called the Princess while awaiting a suitable name). I think she’ll love it, with or without beans. :)* And the rest of the catch: The teabags are wonderful, and with being one small and one large I have one for when it’s just me and one for when M wants a cuppa as well. I plan to sew the clutch one of the evenings this week on my newly acquired sewing machine. A bargain bought on, our very own version of ebay!


*I daren’t add any local beans to the stuffing in case it gets stopped on the way out of the country and ripped apart!

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