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I received my prize the other day! Yey! Just like Christmas!

Unfortunately it rained a lot that day, and our mailbox isn’t covered… 😦 Hence the ‘drowned’ look! But I still got a lovely lovely gift that day! Thanks Kristin!


I did it! I jumped off the Auckland Harbour Bridge with AJ Hackett and it was great! Standing up there just before the jump I thought I was going to die, but I’m so glad I did it – an amazing experience!

I wanted to add the videos that my friend took of me when I jumped but it looks like the format isn’t supported or something… maybe some other time…

… apart from, of course, barbeques… the bungeejump. After two years of avoiding it for various reasons, I am now finally going to commit one tomorrow. I’m going with the school, and the activities coordinator has managed to get our jumps for free! Yey! Was relatively blasé about it, but now I’m starting to get a bit nervous. Wish me luck!

So the class went really well and we needn’t be worried at all! I had a lot of fun in the class on Wednesday showing them different clips and talking about movies in general, and my colleague did more creative stuff with them today. One week into the ten week long term, and we have managed to decide on a genre. And they chose (drumroll please…) A funny SCI-FI MUSICAL…

I think we have a great term ahead of us… 🙂

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