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After some busy days of visitors and visiting which is the essential part of Christmas, I am finalyl posting what I planned to post on the 23 Dec.. I wish everyone a peaceful and relaxing last few days of Christmas and hope you have a hoot of a New Year’s celebration. There is plenty of excitement for 2010 in the Steiro Kelly camp, with all the plans of travel and new experiences in the pipeline. I am thinking of revealing more of our preparation, either in this blog or start a new one in connection with the Big Trip, but we’ll see what we end up doing.

In the mean time, here is a video from when we went forΒ  a drive down Franklin Road in Auckland – a tradition for many Aucklanders, because the residents of this street take Christmas decorations very seriously!


A while ago, my colleague and I organised an elective class called moviemaking. I wrote about it here. I realised that I never actually posted the result, of which we were very proud. πŸ™‚

Just now I noticed that some of the audiofiles have been removed with the following message: “This video contains an audio track that has not been authorised by WMG. The audio has been disabled. More about copyright”… Fantastic. It’s a fricking student movie! 😦

It’s all over the blogs now, but I had to mention it too: Coraline is out in the US and I can’t wait for it to come all the way to New Zealand too! Another one of the honourable Mr Gaiman’s masterpieces has reached the silverscreen. Head over to the main website of the movie here, and keep updated on the state of the proud father as his creation continues to amaze and charm the hordes here.

Henry Selick talks about the making of the movie on the New York Times website. Notice the amazingly detailed little handmade bits – beautiful!

Unfortunately the trailer on the website is a little bit slow to upload so I suggest you have a look at the video below:

So the class went really well and we needn’t be worried at all! I had a lot of fun in the class on Wednesday showing them different clips and talking about movies in general, and my colleague did more creative stuff with them today. One week into the ten week long term, and we have managed to decide on a genre. And they chose (drumroll please…) A funny SCI-FI MUSICAL…

I think we have a great term ahead of us… πŸ™‚

Me and a colleague have decided to do a class (two lessons a week) on language learning through moviemaking. Ever since I did a project with my students through the months of June & July we’ve pondered the possibility of doing a bigger and better project, learning from the mistakes we made the first time around. It’s really exciting, and we had so much fun planning this and writing up the syllabus. Now it’s the night before the big day and I go first, teaching the introduction class as well as getting started on genres. I must admit I am a bit nervous… I really shouldn’t be because we’ve planned it so well! And yet – maybe that’s exactly why… I’m so keen for it to go well, so the butterflies are using the insides of my belly as a racecourse. I sort of just have to let it go the way it goes…

Here are the youtube links to our first movie (three installments)

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