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Even though I haven’t written here in ages, I’ve been pottering along with various projects and, well, just plain old daily life. A while ago I ventured into Ravelry, which has been great, and has introduced me to some interesting new people and more lovely knitting and crafting than I could ever had dreamt of. Many other knitters are also in Flickr, but I have resisted so far, much because of being such a Google fanatic and Picasa addict. But I have been convinced and am now also to be found on yet another social website thingy:


I know I’m not the only fan! From finding information (hence the new verb ‘to google smth’ and the acronym JFGI), via Gmail, Reader and Picasa, to my newest find: Google Documents – I heart Google! Let me explain more about my (near) newfound love.

My computer’s hard disk has recently developed a nasty case of overfilledness and has turned red – where am I going to put all the wonderful patterns I download (which is probably taking up most of the space)? Eureka! An additional bonus is that it is now available to me from wherever I might be. Handy for our future plans.

My darling husband tells me that the future might bring us online storage in the form of GDRIVE. Sign me up!

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