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I realise that it’s been way too long since I wrote a proper post. Granted, I have been here and updated my Books Read and Things I Make pages, but that doesn’t really count now does it?

Sometimes you’re just so busy that you have to really make an effort to get the things you want to do done, and that’s been the case for me lately. Work just seems to take over, and I have to make myself take the time to do what makes me happy. Lately I’ve been increasingly pondering this issue: Is it really worth it to work your arse off when you end up not having any energy for yourself, friends and family? Being the person I am it’s really hard for me not to work so hard, but I still think I need to slow down and consider what’s important in the long run. Wonder if I manage to change my ways or if it’s all talk with me as always when I get onto this topic…? I guess I just have to accept that I’m the only one with the power to do something about that.

But lets focus on something nice now! This weekend has been busy but in a good way. Saturday was spent going back to my roots at the Scandinavian Festival, where my husband joined a short Norwegian workshop for beginners and aced the class. Very proud! I attended a thoughtprovoking session about Icelandic sagas, which are important in Norwegian history too. We saw some darling Icelandic horses and visited the Norsemen’s village where I learnt to spin wool – something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. And i realised that there are a lot of people out there that know more about how my forefathers lived and what they believed in than me and maybe it’s time I’d do something about that… We went home tired and satisfied, and a tad restless for our future plans involving moving to Norway.

Later that evening we cuddled up with candles during Earth Hour, and even went for a little walk to see the Sky Tower with its lights turned off. Today (Sunday) was just as hectic – in the morning we saw Monsters vs. Aliens, a free pre-screening (courtesy of my generous colleague who couldn’t make it and graciously gave me the tickets). A movie I really didn’t expect much from but found myself laughing out loud more than once. Really enjoyable – althought I think I’d get motion sickness if I watched it in 3D as it’s makers intended.

Then we rushed over to pick up some friends to go to Auckland International Cultural Festival, where we had all kinds of nice food and saw lots of cool international musicians perform (from Ghana, Korea, Easter Islands, etc…). Evening came with a visit to the parents-in-law, where we had a pleasant dinner date. This type of busy I like! Only I think we might take it easy next weekend…

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