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Found this on one of the blogs I read regularly, Design Sponge. It’s unreal and beautiful and reminds me a little of Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep.


… when the company in charge shouts a bbq with drinks an’ all for the whole neighbourhood. Good on you, Fulton Hogan (or whoever had the idea)! 🙂

AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH! Woke up to heavy digging and drilling sounds after we found the following note in our mailbox yesterday:

Note in our mailbox

Note in our mailbox

We’ve been living with works on the railroad that runs right next to our property, with roadworks in our area (streets nearby and on our way to work) as well as the rest of Auckland being dug up in the last few months, but right outside our house??? It’s just not on! Not that I can do anything about it…

Just over 2 hrs left till I can have my Saturday back…

Picture taken from our bedroom window

Picture taken from our bedroom window

Yep, that’s our driveway that’s blocked…

I know I’m not the only fan! From finding information (hence the new verb ‘to google smth’ and the acronym JFGI), via Gmail, Reader and Picasa, to my newest find: Google Documents – I heart Google! Let me explain more about my (near) newfound love.

My computer’s hard disk has recently developed a nasty case of overfilledness and has turned red – where am I going to put all the wonderful patterns I download (which is probably taking up most of the space)? Eureka! An additional bonus is that it is now available to me from wherever I might be. Handy for our future plans.

My darling husband tells me that the future might bring us online storage in the form of GDRIVE. Sign me up!

I read this post and found myself nodding in agreement. A good read here:

… is a very significant date in time. It’s the birthday of at least three very important people. Abraham Lincoln, Carles Darwin… and my sister! Happy Birthday Ingunn! 🙂

Awesome artists in awesome but unusual venues on wheels:

Ane Brun

Amanda Palmer

Fleet Foxes

… and many many more.

It’s all over the blogs now, but I had to mention it too: Coraline is out in the US and I can’t wait for it to come all the way to New Zealand too! Another one of the honourable Mr Gaiman’s masterpieces has reached the silverscreen. Head over to the main website of the movie here, and keep updated on the state of the proud father as his creation continues to amaze and charm the hordes here.

Henry Selick talks about the making of the movie on the New York Times website. Notice the amazingly detailed little handmade bits – beautiful!

Unfortunately the trailer on the website is a little bit slow to upload so I suggest you have a look at the video below:

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