I have been crafting and making things since I was very little and my grandmother taught me how to knit mittens. Several sweaters, mittens and scarves later I taught myself how to crochet and a whole new world opened up. My interest has been waxing and waning over the years, but this year I’ve tried to finish a few projects and also learn a few new techniques. I’m really enjoying it and this will be my gallery for now.

From an idea in World Sweet World 1st issue:



Scarf for Hazel, modelled by me

Birthday gift for my mother-in-law, with yarn from Craft Leftovers:

Crocheted potholders from a pattern I found online and lost the link to...
Crocheted potholders from a pattern I found online and lost the link to…

Birthday gift for my beloved mum. The pattern is from the Knitting Daily online shop: Boteh scarf.

Leafy pattern
Leafy pattern

A bunny from Craft Leftovers became a gift for my cousin’s baby Deena!


And I was having so much fun making the toy that I decided to make a monkey for Hayden (nephew) (pattern kit from Spotlight):

sitting comfortable on M's arm
sitting comfortably on M’s arm

Another Christmas present, this time for my in-laws. A tray made out of a picture frame, idea came from here. Picture frame and handles are from IKEA (yeah we lugged it all the wayover from the Gold Coast after our holiday!), crosstitch by moi with kit from The Little Kit company, and of course with a little help from my dear handyman.


Then the Christmas gift for my mummy, a bag I made from my own design (trial and error more like…) out of fabric from… yep, you guessed it: IKEA.

pretty birdie bag

My sister got this for her birthday in Feb (pattern from the creative Do Stuff! writer Leethal.)


My sister-in-law’s Christmas present – made from fabric from IKEA (where else?)


This was stuff I made up to December 2008. I lost lots of photos when my laptop was stolen, but will be keeping pictures on some of my projects on my Flickr account – here it is.