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This is just beautiful! (found on the blog)


I found this link via Beattie’s Book Blog (yet again!) about the Knowledge Without Borders project in the UAE emirate of Sharjah. The project aims to get the population back into reading. Very cool! They have given ten reasons why you should read – here are the first three, then go to the site and read the rest. No big surprises at all, but reminding me of even more reasons to use on my students!

1: Reading is an active mental process. Unlike sitting in front of the TV, reading makes you use your brain. While reading, you will be forced to reason out many things which are unfamiliar to you. Through this process, the brain is exercised.

2: Improve your vocabulary. Remember in primary school when you learned how to infer the meaning of one word by reading the context of the other words in the sentence? You get the same benefit from reading. While reading books—especially challenging ones—you will find yourself exposed to many new words that you wouldn’t be otherwise in daily life.

3: Get a glimpse into other cultures and countries. How would you know about the lives of people in remote parts of Mexico if you don’t read about them? Reading gives you a unique insight into the diversity of different people, cultures, religions and societies around the globe—without actually having to step foot outside of your house.

I’ve just had the most awesome weekend in a long time! I volunteered at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival and it was undoubtedly the best volunteering experience ever. I got to watch lots of the shows and the work was really cruisy. I had fun and interesting co-workers and everything seemed just really well-organised. There was the odd hickup, but these things happen. I want to write a little bit more about some of the events I attended but will have to get some sleep first.

To be continued! 🙂

I’ve had a good start on my promise to read more  and I am very pleased to see three titles on the list only half way through January. Admittedly, I started the first book in Dec 2008, and the other two are graphic novels (i.e. faster reads) but I’m still quite pleased and motivated to read more.

I’m feeling awfully restless at the moment. I don’t know if it’s the time of the year, the fact that we were travelling around over the Christmas period, or a bit of homesickness, but I really feel like travelling, and more that normal. Away with the old routines! Pack the bags, we’re leaving! Well, in our dreams at least… Damned recession… Tomorrow I’m off to the second hand bookshop in St Kevin’s Arcade to look for travel guides to pore over as a substitute for real travels. Sigh.

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