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So in my last post I mentioned that I was in Ponsonby this afternoon. That was beacuse I needed to pay a little visit to the Immigration Medical Services. Oh joy.

Not that they aren’t nice – they are absolutely lovely people there at the White Cross. It’s just that this is just one more, but tiny (and expensive!) step on the path to becoming a permanent resident of New Zealand. So far I’ve been safe on a partnership visa, but I’ve decided to take the final step and stop this endless process of applications, letters, medicals and whatnot (and, since Norway doesn’t allow joint citizenship unless under very specific circumstances, I have no other choice). My visa doesn’t run out yet. In fact, I’m safe till the end of November. However, my sources tell me that it takes about 6-9 months even for the application to be looked at, so I guess I’d better hurry up. I’ll be working my way through the list, police certificates now crossed off, and next on my list, the translation of various documents.

What Mr M found hysterically funny, though, was that I got a discount at the White Cross, just because I’d been there before… for my previous visa. Jeez. I’m collecting – buy nine and you get the tenth one free…


Today, after a trip down to Waiuku to visit Matt’s G-Pop and Gran, we went to the Aotea Square Markets and I got spoilt a little.

These are my two new possessions, from a cool and super-friendly, not to mention very talented, NZ designer Misty (didn’t catch her last name unfortunately…).

Hoo hooooo

Hoo hooooo

Sweet swallows

Sweet swallows

There are so many talented and cool designers in NZ, and I wish I could afford to make my wardrobe consist of manly items made by them (as well as a healty and constantly updated selection of stuff from H&M of course…)

Link to stuff that’s cool: Felt

Last weekend we had our friends Johanna & Julien over for a few days. They’ve been travelling around NZ for almost eaxctly one year and is coming to an end of their one-year working holiday visas. They stayed with us to start off with but have now been to every little piece of Aotearoa and have seen more (geographically at least) that I have in the two years of living here.

It was lovely to have them staying, but a little bittersweet as well. Tinged by a bit of envy for their two weeks in Samoa… 😛 But mainly sad because when they come back to Auckland for a few days it will be the last we see of them in NZ. It’s been very comforting to know that some of our “old” friends were here with us on the other side of the planet, especially since I sometimes find myself feeling a bit lost on Matt’s turf.

Anywho – we spent the time together well, and enjoyed ourselves with drinks and talking and pics and in between it all we found time for an outing: Piha and the Waitakeres.

Waitakeres landscape - picture perfect

Waitakeres landscape - picture perfect

Arriving at Piha - Matt and Julien are keen to get to the beach

Piha view

Piha view

And I have to add – they are the best house guests ever! Our flat was never as clean and the dishes never so quickly done!

More students leaving this Friday – tears and speeches, but beautiful leaving notes and some memorable gifts… and one final party to go to!

PS: I should add that we might get to see J&J in Aussie when we go over there in October – fingers crossed they will have made their way to the Gold Coast by then, alternatively are still in the area.

As I walked home from work this afternoon, I felt there was more of a warmth in the air than what I have experienced the last few months. So much rain and cold weather – even when the sun is out there is a chill in the air.

But today was different. A couple of the trees on our street had buds and even a few flowers had sprung out, lovely and pink and lucious. Someone next door were mowing their lawn. There’s nothing quite like freshly cut grass to make you think of summer.

spring has arrived in our street

Now that the sun is down it’s just as cold as usual in the flat. But I guess today’s a good start.

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