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I’m not the most frequent of bloggers. In fact, I think the rare people that might have stopped by occasionally would have taken me off their RSS feed by now for lack of posts to while away the hours with.

However, recently I found an idea spreading across the interweb. Not just as a (very good!) excuse to explain my lack of discipline on the blogging front, but also an idea I can very easily grow fond of. In line with the idea of slow food, making/craft and the slow movement, which you can read more about here, Canadian Todd Sieling is writing a blog about slow blogging, with the tagline “it happens when it happens”. His point is that because of all the technology readily available to us all at any given time has made not only talk, but also writing, cheap. Anyone can blog or comment in whatever medium they choose… but should we?

The erudite and always oh so fabulously articulate Stephen Fry mentions similar issues on his blog today, bringing the attention to the way technology has taken over our time and made everything possible but made us all impossibly busy.

I often find myself wondering if this busy-ness is really the life I want to live, and most times reach the conclusion that no, it is not. I don’t think I will be doing what I’m doing now in a few years’ time, but then again, I was raised to work hard, so I’d probably feel guilty if I didn’tdo the standard work horse thing… Although, I guess the issue is more how and where we spend our energy and how we choose to prioritise.

If anyone is reading this, I’d welcome any input and opinions. 🙂 The Slow Blog Manifesto can be read – and enjoyed, slowly  – here.

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