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Another one of those posts waiting to happen – another comment that lead to something more! Whip Up is a fabulous blog with posts about all kinds of lovely crafts, big and small, which I find very inspirational. They have found new buddies in the zine Mixtape, and recently they asked their readers to give a ‘mixtape’ of crafty inspiration. Intrigued, I commented. And won a prize! I’m waiting for my zine to arrive with yummy exciting craftiness just for me!!!

Here is the link to the main post, where I’m listed as a winner. I even made it into the favourites list! 😀


Wow! I won something!!!

This weekend I got a lovely email from the lovely Kristin at Craft Leftovers (mentioned in a prevous post…) that I was the lucky winner of her CRAFTzine giveaway and will receive the two latest editions of the marvellous zine! I can’t believe that I soon will get to hold not only one but two physical versions of the wonderful blog I read practically every day!

My booty!

I normally never win anything, so the mystery of my win is quickly solved by revealing the fact that I was the only one to submit an entry to this competition! Well, lucky for me! I can look forward to some other goodies too by the looks of it… Yey for me – and for Kristin of course! 🙂

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