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Seeing as the 22 September is considered the first day of Spring here, and the weather has been beautiful this weekend, M and I decided to do a thorough Spring clean today. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I detest anything to do with cleaning (weird that I managed to convice myself that is was a good idea to clean at a yogacentre for free classes…), and it’s not really any of M’s favourite activities either…

So the motivation wasn’t great… but our teamwork impressed me! After just a few hours work, the entire flat was sparkling clean, and even the ceiling in the bedroom got scrubbed. Plenty of laundry done and we can see the floor again! Since I’m actually writing a post about this you can tell that I’m obviously very pleased with myself (and M) for the effort. 🙂

Now Spring can unfold…


As I walked home from work this afternoon, I felt there was more of a warmth in the air than what I have experienced the last few months. So much rain and cold weather – even when the sun is out there is a chill in the air.

But today was different. A couple of the trees on our street had buds and even a few flowers had sprung out, lovely and pink and lucious. Someone next door were mowing their lawn. There’s nothing quite like freshly cut grass to make you think of summer.

spring has arrived in our street

Now that the sun is down it’s just as cold as usual in the flat. But I guess today’s a good start.

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