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This is just beautiful! (found on the blog)


Today, after a trip down to Waiuku to visit Matt’s G-Pop and Gran, we went to the Aotea Square Markets and I got spoilt a little.

These are my two new possessions, from a cool and super-friendly, not to mention very talented, NZ designer Misty (didn’t catch her last name unfortunately…).

Hoo hooooo

Hoo hooooo

Sweet swallows

Sweet swallows

There are so many talented and cool designers in NZ, and I wish I could afford to make my wardrobe consist of manly items made by them (as well as a healty and constantly updated selection of stuff from H&M of course…)

Link to stuff that’s cool: Felt

As I walked home from work this afternoon, I felt there was more of a warmth in the air than what I have experienced the last few months. So much rain and cold weather – even when the sun is out there is a chill in the air.

But today was different. A couple of the trees on our street had buds and even a few flowers had sprung out, lovely and pink and lucious. Someone next door were mowing their lawn. There’s nothing quite like freshly cut grass to make you think of summer.

spring has arrived in our street

Now that the sun is down it’s just as cold as usual in the flat. But I guess today’s a good start.

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